6 Best Places to Visit in Ambala City

6 Best Places to Visit in Ambala City

6 Best Places to Visit in Ambala City: Ambala is a lovely city found in Haryana. It’s one of the most preferred tourism destinations in Haryana. There is so much you do in Ambala if you decide to. Ambala is known as the green city where you can explore the mountains and their renowned markets. Ambala is a home to numerous cultural historical centers and natural wonders of beautiful scenes. Most people have never heard of Ambala. India’s secret hidden gem city. In this interesting post, I’ll tell you 6 best places to visit in Ambala

Here are 6 Best Places to Visit in Ambala City

6 Best Places to Visit in Ambala City

1. Ambika Devi Mandir

It is an attractive and serene pilgrimage site near Ambala. Ambala is renowned for its puja of Ambika mata and diverse culture. Ambala has a visit place called mandir and before entering into the mandir, you’ll see an impressive artwork done by the artist.

2. Rani Ka Talab

Go back in time to Rani Ka Talab, the old water pond with greens on the sides. While in Ambala make sure to visit this place. In the middle of the pond, you will find the old, beautiful architecture. This is one of the oldest places in Ambla, after Rani ka Talab you will notice the old beautiful stunning Shiv mandir.

3. Kapal Mochan

Kapal Mochan is an ancient pilgrimage place for Hindus and Sikhs situated on Bilaspur road in Yamunanagar district, Haryana. Here you’ll see a beautiful and immense Shiv mandir and Gurudwara. You will be stunned to see the artwork done in the old days. It’s a beautiful place situated in Haryana and is one of the best places to visit in Ambala.

4. Chattbir Zoo

Chattbir is a zoo of exotic animals. For example, you will see animals like elephants, monkeys, exotic birds, and many more. This is a must-visit place if you are traveling to this place with your child since your child will learn many things about animals.

5. Gurudwara Manji Sahib

Ambala has a very important Sikh shrine known as Gurudwara Manji Sahib. This is perhaps the best and most peaceful gurdwara. When you are at this ambla’s famous gurudwara you will feel the nature and a positive vibe. Manji Sahib gives the heart peace and the best places to visit in Ambala.

6. Jain Mandir

Ambala has some of the best and lively places to visit. The mandir has beautiful carvings painted in various beautiful colors. It has a feeling or vibe of non-violence with compassion. This Jain mandir, you will notice the unique artwork by the artist, and has become our 6 best peaceful, tourist places to visit in Ambala, which gives a positive vibe.

Ambla Market
Here you’ll see unique things like art pieces, chains, kitchen items, unique household items, and many more things. If you’re visiting Ambla, I suggest you visit the market and try the unique flavored street food. If you are coming in winter, then this place is heaven. You can come with your partner to taste many street foods and explore the Ambla’s culture and places.

So, these were the 6 Best Places to Visit in Ambala City and an extra place that is Ambala market.

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