7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali

7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali

7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali: India is the festival of light. But there are very few festivals that are special to Indians and that is Diwali. On Diwali, people enjoy food and fire the crackers. Diwali feast is not complete without mouth-watering mithais. People celebrate by giving sweets (mithai) to their loved ones.
Mithais are of many types, but, today I’ll tell you delicious 7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali celebrations.

Here are the 7 MouthWatering Indian mithais

1. Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli is also known as kaju barfi. It is one of the most delicious Indian mithais which include very few ingredients to make- cashew nuts, sugar, and cardamom powder. Kaju barfi originated from the deccan region of south India. Kaju katli the cashew slice, is a diamond-shaped piece that is cut traditionally. Kaju katli is rich in flavor and gives an aroma of cardamom. The texture is smooth and creamy which melts in the mouth when we eat the slice. With the addition of silver or gold leaf on the sweet, it gives a luxurious feel to the mithai. If you are making kaju katli you can add some variations like- adding some dryfruit like almonds, walnuts, etc or you can add saffron to make the mithai look better and taste more delicious.

2. Gulab Jamun

7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali
7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali

Gulab Jamun is the most sold sweet in India and because of this Gulab Jamun is also known as the king of Indian mithais. This brown dumpling melts into the mouth because of the fluffiness and this Indian mithai has an amazing tasty flavor and tender texture. The outer crust is caramelized and the inner is soft, and melting, also giving the gentle sweetness of rose water and saffron. Gulab jamun dates back to history and has a simple and fulfilling process of preparation making it the most loved dessert across cultures and generations.

Gulab jamun has a very interesting history, this delicious treat was later introduced to India during the Mughal era and became popular with the royalties. Making of Gulab jamun includes milk solids, referred to as khoya, that provide the dumpling’s creamy base, and flour, which binds the mixture together.

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3. Sohan Papdi

Sohan Papdi is known for its texture which melts in the mouth within a second. Sohan papdi first originated in Persia, where it was known as Sohan Pahmaki. Over time, sohan papdi found its way to India, the arrival of sohan papdi, people really loved the texture and taste and this cuisine became the most loved cuisine in India. You can see many variations in sohan papdi like dry fruit, saffron sohan papdi. The main ingredients of are sugar, flour, and nuts, each playing a major role in creating the sweet’s unique texture and flavor.

You can gift the Sohan Papad pack or box to a loved one, and not because of its taste, it becomes more famous because of the price. You can get easily this from anywhere as it is available everything with an affordable price. Because of this, Sohan Paapdi became the most delicious as well as famous Indian mithias.

4. Laddoo

7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali
7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali

Laddoo is a beloved Indian sweet treat made from a variety of ingredients, including lentils, nuts, dried fruit, and sugar. Laddoo is of ball shape and has many different flavors like cardamom, saffron, and ghee. Laddoo is mostly liked by Indians not only for its mouth-watering taste but also for its health benefits. Laddoo originated in ancient India, where it was considered a sacred offering to deities.

Now in the market, there are many types of laddo you can try or gift to a loved one on Diwali as it’s loved Indian Mithais- such as Moong dal ladoo which is made from yellow mong lentils, sugar, and ghee, Besan ladoo which is made up of besan, sugar, ghee, and nuts as well, Boondi laddoo which is made up of deep-fried chickpea flour balls soaked in sugar syrup.

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5. Gajar ka Halwa

The best Indian’s delicious dessert Gajar ka halwa. It’s made out of grated carrots, milk, sugar and nuts. It is a cherished culinary tradition due to its creamy texture, color, and warm flavors that make the world fond of it. The preparation of gajar ka halwa is a combination of tradition and art. The main components are carrots, milk, sugar, and nuts, which combine to give the dessert its individual consistency and taste.

We can say that, it’s the most loved Indian mithais or halwa. When you take the first bite of the halwa you feel the caramelized carrots and a lovely sweet texture that melts into your mouth. Gajar ka halwa holds a special place in Indian cuisine, often associated with festivals and celebrations. It’s mainly prepared on Diwali and also on some special occasions.

6. Jalebi

7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali
7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali

Jalebi, a popular and tasty indian sweet is made up of batter after being fried and soaked into a caramelized sugar syrup. Jalebi has the most unique flavor that has made it a favorite across India and around the world. Jalebi originated in India, where in ancient times it was known as “Jalaiba”. Jabeli is easy to prepare and tastes amazing.

The key ingredients are flour, sugar, and ghee (clarified butter). Mainly, Jalebi is known for its unique combination of crispy and soft textures. There are many variations you can try like Rabdi jalebi in which Jalebi is soaked in rabdi, a thick, creamy milk pudding, Badam jalebi which is made up of almond flour, Chocolate jalebi, and you can try jalebi with milk as well.

7. Rasmalai

7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali
7 MouthWatering Indian mithais to Sweeten your Diwali

The soft creamy dumpling melts into mouth. Rasmalai is one of the best Indian Mithais, as, it tastes like heaven. Rasmalai is made up of rose water, sugar syrup, and saffron. Rasmalai is also popular outside India in many countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, as well as in Australia.

The journey of Rasmalai starts from an eastern Indian kitchen, where it was known as Roshogolla. This is one of the best sweets who love Saffron milk and Rasgulla, it’s a combination of both. When you take the first bite of Rasmalai you feel the fluffiness and a burst of sweetness. You can try many variations of Rasmalai like Saffron Rasmalai, Rabri Rasmalai, as well as non-sugar Rasmalai.

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