Does Walmart Deliver to Hotels?

Does Walmart Deliver to Hotels: So, if you’re a traveler and thinking in our hotel room, does Walmart deliver to hotels, so simply the answer is Yes. Walmart delivers to hotels.

Know this before ordering anything from Walmart:

  1. First, you must have a Walmart account on the Walmart website.
  2. Enter information about your hotel before ordering items.
  3. After filling address details, tell your hotel to take your package by Walmart.
  4. Just provide delivery details to hotel management and they will deliver your package personally to your hotel room.

Can I Have Things Delivered to a Hotel Room from Walmart?

Does Walmart Deliver to Hotels?

Does Walmart Deliver to Hotels?

Can I Have Things Delivered to a Hotel Room from Walmart? So, the answer is Yes, you can get items easily delivered in your hotel room.

First, you have to fill in the details on the Walmart website of your hotel, and tell your hotel manager is take your package and they will deliver it to your room. Make sure one thinks that your hotel allows outer packages delivered to the room. Confirm this info from hotel management by calling the hotel management.

Because some hotels don’t allow the outer package to be delivered to the room. But, most hotel allows the package delivered to the room, if you tell them what the item is and give them the package info. So, by this method, you can get items from Walmart to hotels.

How to get Walmart Delivery in the hotel?

You can get anything from Walmart to your hotel room. Just provide delivery instructions and details to the hotel management or you can also call to hotel management number. After giving information to the hotel management they will deliver your package straight to your room.


So, these were the ways to get the package easily to your Hotel room.

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