5 Best Places to Visit in Pathankot

5 Best Places to Visit in Pathankot

5 Best Places to Visit in Pathankot: Pathankot is a city located in Punjab. Pathankot has an international border with neighboring country Pakistan. Pathankot was once a Tehsil in Punjab’s Gurdaspur district. Pathankot is small but a beautiful and enjoyable city. You can travel to Pathankot at a cheap price. Pathankot has the largest military facility.

Best Places to Visit in Pathankot

1. Mukteshwar Temple

Best Places to Visit in Pathankot
Best Places to Visit in Pathankot

Mukteshwar Dham Pathankot: One of the most beautiful temples in the world, lying just 20 to 22 km off Pathankot is an ancient Temple named Mukteshwar Temple. As, if you are going to Mukteshwar Dham Pathankot, it will be an adventure because you have to go down with the help of stairs, there are around 200 to 250 stairs, and after going down you will see a mysterious and peaceful place.

In Mukteshwar Temple there is lord Shiva Lingam. One of the most incredible things is that The cool and calm breeze is something to look forward to. Mukteshwar Dham Pathankot Temple is one of the best places to visit in Pathankot. It is located on a hilltop on the banks of River Ravi. After going to Mukteshwar Dham, you can try some street food which is about 500m away from the temple.

2. Nurpur Fort

Best Places to Visit in Pathankot

Nurpur Fort Pathankot: Nurpur Fort is one of the oldest fort in the world. This fort is 900 years old and is popular for the ancient Lord Krihna temple located in the inner sanctum. Nurpur Fort is around 5 to 6 km away from Pathankot. It was built by Pathania Rajputs and later Shah Jahan named after his wife Nur Jahan. It is one of the best places to visit in Pathankot If you are living in Pathankot you must visit this beautiful ancient temple. You’ll experience a peaceful vibe around the fort. Nurpur Fort is the must-visit place in Pathankot.

3. Ranjit Sagar Dam

Best Places to Visit in Pathankot

Ranjit Sagar Dam Pathankot: The second best place to visit in Pathankot is the Ranjit Sagar Dam. Ranjit Sagar Dam was built for irrigation purposes. Building on River Ravi is some work done by engineers and it is the biggest hydroelectric project in Punjab.

You can enjoy the clear weather and feel the beautiful nature. If you are visiting here, according to me you can visit in the morning it is the best time to visit as well to enjoy. The Power Plant has four turbines that generate 600 MW of electricity which is quite good as 40% of it ramain in Pathankot. Ranjit Sagar Dam Pathankot is one of the biggest dams in Punjab.

4. Narayan Mandir

Best Places to Visit in Pathankot

Narayan Mandir: This is the most peaceful and beautiful temple in Pathankot. It is mainly located in a village of Pathankot named Village Gho. This beautiful Lord Narayan Temple is 5 to 6 km away from Pathankot. In the temple, there is a mysterious lake, no one knows, where these lake water and fish come from. If you are visiting Pathankot or are in Pathankot you must have to visit this beautiful Lord Narayan Mandir. The temple is huge and you also can feed multicolored fishes.

5. Shahpurkandi Fort

Best Places to Visit in Pathankot

Shahpurkandi Fort Pathankot: Shahpurkandi Fort was built by Shah Jajan’s Rajput Chief Jaspal Singh Pathania. This mysterious and beautiful Ford was built in 1505 and Shahpurkandi Fort fort was built to protect regions of Nurpur. If you like Forts and want to experience ancient Indian forts this is the best place to visit in Pathankot.

So these were the Best Places to Visit in Pathankot. There are many other things so should visit Pathankot such as food and many unique and beautiful destinations like Kali Mata Ka Temple, Shani Dev Mandir, and Kathgarh Temple. You can visit Pathankot anytime in the year but, the best time is from October To April.

How to Reach Pathankot

By Air: You can reach Pathankot by air from Delhi To Pathankot or you also can go from Amritsar to Pathankot. The tourist place is at a distance of 30km from Airpot.

By Train: You can catch any train available commonly in your state or city.

By Road: You can easily reach Pathankot by road and the tourist destinations are near if you come to Pathankot by road.

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